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How a lazy brat can do (and love) CrossFit

CrossFit did not appeal to me before I tried it. I was one of those people who never aspired to include weight training, gymnastics, and burpees in my fitness routine. My (slow) running, biking, and yoga were good enough for me, thank you very much. When I would sweat a little back then, I felt good… Continue reading How a lazy brat can do (and love) CrossFit

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That Asian Wife with a White Man

This one is controversial—and writing this is a bold step that I feel compelled to do. I understand what many people know. Yes, I have seen old white men holding hands with Asian girls--girls who seem like they should still be in school. I’ve read about the incredulous reality of Asian mail-order brides, and I… Continue reading That Asian Wife with a White Man

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The Best Day of Our Lives (Part 1)

That one BEST day in our lives was more than what we hoped for. To be surrounded by love from family and friends who traveled far to celebrate with us brought us feelings beyond expectations. The joy is so deep that I hope you'll allow me to share the memories here, for us to keep and pass on… Continue reading The Best Day of Our Lives (Part 1)

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Happy International Women’s Day

To the girl who is unsmiling, assertive and knowledgeable, but called a bitch for it. To the girl who is judged for wearing too much makeup, and the girl that is told she needs to look more “like a girl.” To the girl who dares to work hard in “a man’s world” and has to… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day

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The Secret Trail to Taal’s Crater Lake

I heard unpleasant things about the hike to Taal Volcano, that iconic small volcano on a lake that takes many a breath away and defines Tagaytay's unique landscape. One of the things I remember said about it is that it is a total waste of time. Barren, dusty and extremely hot, the small active volcano, according to… Continue reading The Secret Trail to Taal’s Crater Lake

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A State of Restlessness

Today, my heart was beating fast from fear. I could feel my hands get colder and my insides contract. It’s akin to the fear that I’m doing something wrong and I’ll very soon pay for it. What’s this fear? Let me name it here: I am troubled by my seeming lack of goals. My goals… Continue reading A State of Restlessness

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For My Future Parent Self

Mrs. Willey the mommy, I’m sure you’re now making it your life’s mission to take the role of motherhood to the hilt. You had often wondered about how you would raise a child to become an amazing human being. Knowing you, you have now researched and read a lot, and also pictured all sorts of scenarios… Continue reading For My Future Parent Self