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I thought being a vegetarian was a joke

It seemed to be an extremist choice that in my head makes vegans and vegetarians such radically miserable people—deprived of the glorious joys of foie gras and a medium-rare finely-marbled slab of steak. However, I’ve long harbored an internal conflict about the routine slaughter of animals for food. But I pushed it away. Like everyone… Continue reading I thought being a vegetarian was a joke

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How a lazy brat can do (and love) CrossFit

CrossFit did not appeal to me before I tried it. I was one of those people who never aspired to include weight training, gymnastics, and burpees in my fitness routine. My (slow) running, biking, and yoga were good enough for me, thank you very much. When I would sweat a little back then, I felt good… Continue reading How a lazy brat can do (and love) CrossFit

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The Secret Trail to Taal’s Crater Lake

I heard unpleasant things about the hike to Taal Volcano, that iconic small volcano on a lake that takes many a breath away and defines Tagaytay's unique landscape. One of the things I remember said about it is that it is a total waste of time. Barren, dusty and extremely hot, the small active volcano, according to… Continue reading The Secret Trail to Taal’s Crater Lake

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Confessions of a Body Shamer

I write this while my fitness ball stares at me. Earlier, I was working out at home to burn calories and get to work on the body I want. Let me repeat that: the body I want. My husband would tell me, almost repeatedly to my selectively-deaf ears: there’s nothing wrong with my body and… Continue reading Confessions of a Body Shamer

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3 Mountains in a Day

Anyone with a spirit of adventure and love for the outdoors will take a chance to climb a mountain. I've climbed about 13 mountains, and I want to climb a hundred more. The "high" is addictive. Standing on one summit makes me seek out another. I'm sure this feeling is shared by thousands of hikers and climbers anywhere.… Continue reading 3 Mountains in a Day