This Site

Very recently, I married the most wonderful man I ever met. Other than changing my name, a lot of things are about to change.

I’m on a mission to be the best wife he can ask for while we travel the world as expats and make strange new cities our home.

Here, I write my heart out about being a new wife, a trailing spouse, a woman both in the workplace and at home, a marketer in today’s world, a fitness advocate, a healthy foodie and chef-wannabe, an Asian trying to understand American sports (and Americans), and an extroverted loner having an adventure of a lifetime with the man who loves me and who I love beyond dreams.

For those who love and who may have loved, lost and keep believing in it, I openly tell stories about marriage and relationships.

For those who keep trying to be fit and healthy, I’m sharing my discoveries in the kitchen and my personal on-going journey with keeping fit in ways that are simple and sustainable.

For those who are ambitious and thriving in the corporate world, I have reflections on my corporate life that I hope will help someone in any way.

For those who travel or dream of traveling more, let’s trade tips and secrets and “travel together” through this site.

For educators and students, I’m speaking of my passion for learning and would like to hear from you.

For the women young and old who believe being a woman is a powerful gift, I’m echoing your voice.

I’m Mrs. Willey, and I’m happy to have you share my world.