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Gossip and the Negativity Contagion

One of the most difficult Lenten sacrifices I ever had to make was the abstinence from gossip. Many years ago, leaving an all-girls’ school was a step, I hoped, to finally be rid of petty talk about others. Moving to a bigger university for me meant social groups that engaged in deeper and philosophical discussions—ideally… Continue reading Gossip and the Negativity Contagion

Positivity, Working Woman

Workplace stress is real, and rising.

I put a Miles Davis record on, make my second cup of coffee, and look at a handwritten To Do list peeping at me from our home work desk. There is an absence of movement and noise other than the slight hum of the A/C and jazz music filling the entire apartment. A rare realization hit… Continue reading Workplace stress is real, and rising.

corporate life, Working Woman

An old-fashioned millennial’s guide to better emails

The rules for business writing have evolved over time. As I face a mixed-age audience for a training session, I experience a little conflict in making the rules relevant (and important) for millennials. Millennials cannot be exclusively blamed for our confusion. Language becomes the collateral damage as the new online media distort the norms. Admittedly, the limited… Continue reading An old-fashioned millennial’s guide to better emails