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This pandemic will change us all

As we shut our doors and live our lives 24/7 inside our homes, we think of what we will do once this global pandemic is over.  We are gripped by the reality of our mortality. I wanted to un-hear this line from a good friend but I couldn’t: “When this is over, we will all… Continue reading This pandemic will change us all


Hearts and bellies full in Tuscany

We were seated on a long table out in the garden, an exquisite vintage blue and white ceramic plate across from each of us, and the sun straining through a half-arch vine of greens above us. From where my husband and I were seated, we could see the hill-like garden of Villa Galleotti, sprinkled neatly… Continue reading Hearts and bellies full in Tuscany

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The Secret Trail to Taal’s Crater Lake

I heard unpleasant things about the hike to Taal Volcano, that iconic small volcano on a lake that takes many a breath away and defines Tagaytay's unique landscape. One of the things I remember said about it is that it is a total waste of time. Barren, dusty and extremely hot, the small active volcano, according to… Continue reading The Secret Trail to Taal’s Crater Lake

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3 Mountains in a Day

Anyone with a spirit of adventure and love for the outdoors will take a chance to climb a mountain. I've climbed about 13 mountains, and I want to climb a hundred more. The "high" is addictive. Standing on one summit makes me seek out another. I'm sure this feeling is shared by thousands of hikers and climbers anywhere.… Continue reading 3 Mountains in a Day