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The Best Day of Our Lives (Part 1)

That one BEST day in our lives was more than what we hoped for.

To be surrounded by love from family and friends who traveled far to celebrate with us brought us feelings beyond expectations. The joy is so deep that I hope you’ll allow me to share the memories here, for us to keep and pass on to our children’s children’s children.

Welcome to #CorytakesaDeetour, our wedding on December 30, 2016 in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.

The Preparations

Organizing a wedding with thousands of big and small details was not easy, but marrying this man remains to be the easiest and most natural thing I ever had to do in my life.

Cory and Dee Wedding 112.jpg

Dr. Cory Willey is getting ready and is here modeling the Filipino barong tagalog, a Philippine traditional formal wear.

Cory and Dee Wedding 117

Meet the best man and everyone’s favorite friend, Brandon.

Cory and Dee Wedding 127Cory and Dee Wedding 132Cory and Dee Wedding 136Cory and Dee Wedding 140Cory and Dee Wedding 141Cory and Dee Wedding 143Cory and Dee Wedding 144Cory and Dee Wedding 145

I wonder what they were up to?

Cory and his groomsmen: Ben, Brendan, David, Kevin and Niall.

Cory and Dee Wedding 1060

The boys on their jeepney ride to the church.

Cory and Dee Wedding 150

One of the best fathers in the universe right there.

Cory and Dee Wedding 166Cory and Dee Wedding 163Cory and Dee Wedding 162

My husband’s beautiful family: Ashleigh, mom Dottie and dad Mike.

My girls Rhea, Tracy, Sharla, Anne, Shane and Kats in beach cover-ups instead of robes.

Cory and Dee Wedding 433

Best Mom Ever and Best Momma Ever liking their personalized clutch bags.

My husband and I had foregone gifts for each other on our wedding day in favor of what we really like better: reading letters from each other.

Here, we are both caught cramming on our letters in the morning.

Cory and Dee Wedding 544

My  good friend, Emi Ayag, who shared years of working with me on photo and video shoots in my early years of my marketing career, did my and mom’s makeups. Her amazing team Mariell, Gino, Cielo and Dephne all did such a fabulous job and my girls were more than happy.

Cory and Dee Wedding 573

Thank you, Emi!

Reading Cory’s letter got me crying. Thanks for holding my hand throughout that day, Rae!

Cory and Dee Wedding 607

Flexing after crying with my strong CrossFit ladies, Lars and Polly.

Cory and Dee Wedding 1055

The secondary sponsors Ashleigh, Larissa and Polly.

Cory and Dee Wedding 351

I spent a lot of time drawing with my pencil, explaining my brief, and working with a watercolor artist for this invitation. It came out so beautifully. Thank you, Sara!

Only ethically-sourced diamonds were used for my rings. One of the biggest things I love about my husband: his deep conscience and values.

All these favors are handcrafted with love. Personalized clutch bags for my girls, canvas bags for all guests, and Hangover Kits which were put together by my sister-in-law Ashleigh with our parents.

I decided to work with a Marikina shoemaker for my custom wedding shoes. I was so glad I didn’t give in to the temptation of getting the designer pair I’ve been eyeing.

Cory and Dee Wedding 392

Michael Yu and Joseph ven Dumadag’s bouquet for me took my breath away. It was uniquely tropical and Filipino, not to mention heavy. (They must know I like to lift!)

Cory and Dee Wedding 628Cory and Dee Wedding 638

Nothing bright and sparkly. I chose clean drapes of taupe and beige tones for our earthy looks. My girls all picked their own dress designs, and they were all on point.

Cory and Dee Wedding 1043

Dad and Mom, my first and forever loves.

Check out my mother proving how I’m only a much lesser version of her. 🙂

The Wedding Ceremony at Church

Nothing prepared me for that time waiting alone in the car outside the church.

I worried about the most mundane things: stepping on my veil, tripping along the aisle, imagining that I needed to pee, etc. I know. I feel it is my duty to write some tips for brides that none of my extensive research and reading made me aware of. (That will be a later post.)

Cory and Dee Wedding 187

Thanks for sneaking in a coconut juice for me, Sharla.

We had free fresh coconut juice, cold beer and water at church for guests and at that vantage point from the car, I could see the beer was quite popular, as expected. (As if it wasn’t 2:30 in the afternoon!)

We love our guests!

Cory and Dee Wedding 496

The St. Augustine Parish Church or Panglao Church was established in 1782 and is recorded by The Recollects in 1803.

Hearing the Loboc Youth Choir sing Regina Spektor’s cover of Real Love from John Lennon was beyond words.

What a dream it felt–walking down the aisle with an acclaimed choir singing our songs in breathtaking choral arrangement.

The church was beautiful, all the people who mattered and came were inside waiting, and all I couldn’t wait to do was reach Cory’s side.

Cory and Dee Wedding 677

Cory and Dee Wedding 711

Dad and Mom giving their only daughter away. Please know that I’ll forever be your daughter wherever I go with Cory.

Cory and Dee Wedding 445

Cory and Dee Wedding 453Cory and Dee Wedding 457

I love the second set of parents I get from marrying Cory. One of the best perks of marrying the wonderful Dr. Willey.

Cory and Dee Wedding 733

Cory and Dee Wedding 734

Bluegrass Project showing why they’re award-winning. I requested all greens, whites, local plants and flowers (nothing fancy, stiff and pretentious) and a bias for low rather than tall designs, accentuated by lights for a seamless-looking display.

They are artists who truly listen to your vision and deliver.

Cory and Dee Wedding 511

Spending the day away from your fiance until you reach his side at the church does something for any bride.

But whatever nerves I felt all went away when I was finally standing beside him at the altar.

Cory and Dee Wedding 736Cory and Dee Wedding 739Cory and Dee Wedding 744

No one ever said how the veil would feel heavy over your head. I felt like my hands were trapped and my hair was being pulled down. Maybe I was imagining it.

Cory and Dee Wedding 756

Can you see how happy I was at the exchange of vows?

Cory and Dee Wedding 766Cory and Dee Wedding 773

Cory and Dee Wedding 783

We were half-smiling and laughing for the most part. (Brides in Catholic weddings, good to note that the kneeling time for the marriage ceremony is pretty long. Keep your humor in place!)

Cory and Dee Wedding 789

We finally put a ring on it. 🙂

Cory and Dee Wedding 792Cory and Dee Wedding 793

What was so funny? You’ll know when we share our vows here some time.

Cory and Dee Wedding 806Cory and Dee Wedding 807

The marriage contract with the church is officially signed.

Our entourage is ready to groove.

Cory and Dee Wedding 262

Our families with the best man, Brandon.

Cory and Dee Wedding 263

Our principal sponsors all looking so grand.

Cory and Dee Wedding 264

With our loving parents.

Cory and Dee Wedding 269

Our group of friends can fill a tiny town. Thank you all for sharing this most meaningful day with us.

Cory and Dee Wedding 265

With our secondary sponsors.

Cory and Dee Wedding 271Cory and Dee Wedding 266

Our gorgeous bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Cory and Dee Wedding 272

My adorable family, but nephew Zeke is M.I.A. which can only mean he was wreaking havoc somewhere in the church premises.

Cory and Dee Wedding 273

The Nicolas and Reyes clans. Love our big and crazy family.

Cory and Dee Wedding 275Cory and Dee Wedding 276

Brandon is Cory’s long-lost brother? 🙂

Cory and Dee Wedding 279

The wonderful BCBP friends who happily share our family’s biggest milestones with us.

Cory and Dee Wedding 814

Cory and Dee Wedding 282

Cory and Dee Wedding 816

On our wedding getaway car (that proved to be not as easy and cute as it looked!).

For a video of Paopao Sanchez’s same-day edit photos from the wedding, click here.

The same-day edit video from Team Panda is here.

Watch out for Part 2: The Reception.

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