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What I didn’t expect about being an expat

In multiple ways, I was prepared to do well as a first-time expat leaving my country, family, friends, career, routines, lifestyle, and almost everything that I knew too well. My husband and I decided to move to the Middle East when he accepted a new position.  I “retired” from my career as assistant vice president… Continue reading What I didn’t expect about being an expat

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This is how millennials are changing the world

Millennials (born from 1980 to 2000) have acquired a bad name. I am not alone in shunning this category to the point of disowning it. Insisting that I’m way older than my age, I pushed back from this purportedly lazy and entitled generation. Some realizations hit me as of late. Fifteen years ago, we had mobile phones… Continue reading This is how millennials are changing the world

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Thoughts of an Imminent Trailing Spouse

A few weeks from now, I’ll pack my life in boxes to live overseas for the first time. I’m leaving with my husband carrying the role that I’m still slowly coming to terms with: a trailing spouse. Although we have known of the move for five months now, the spiralling emotions take over as the… Continue reading Thoughts of an Imminent Trailing Spouse

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I thought being a vegetarian was a joke

It seemed to be an extremist choice that in my head makes vegans and vegetarians such radically miserable people—deprived of the glorious joys of foie gras and a medium-rare finely-marbled slab of steak. However, I’ve long harbored an internal conflict about the routine slaughter of animals for food. But I pushed it away. Like everyone… Continue reading I thought being a vegetarian was a joke

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Gossip and the Negativity Contagion

One of the most difficult Lenten sacrifices I ever had to make was the abstinence from gossip. Many years ago, leaving an all-girls’ school was a step, I hoped, to finally be rid of petty talk about others. Moving to a bigger university for me meant social groups that engaged in deeper and philosophical discussions—ideally… Continue reading Gossip and the Negativity Contagion

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Workplace stress is real, and rising.

I put a Miles Davis record on, make my second cup of coffee, and look at a handwritten To Do list peeping at me from our home work desk. There is an absence of movement and noise other than the slight hum of the A/C and jazz music filling the entire apartment. A rare realization hit… Continue reading Workplace stress is real, and rising.

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How a lazy brat can do (and love) CrossFit

CrossFit did not appeal to me before I tried it. I was one of those people who never aspired to include weight training, gymnastics, and burpees in my fitness routine. My (slow) running, biking, and yoga were good enough for me, thank you very much. When I would sweat a little back then, I felt good… Continue reading How a lazy brat can do (and love) CrossFit

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A State of Restlessness

Today, my heart was beating fast from fear. I could feel my hands get colder and my insides contract. It’s akin to the fear that I’m doing something wrong and I’ll very soon pay for it. What’s this fear? Let me name it here: I am troubled by my seeming lack of goals. My goals… Continue reading A State of Restlessness

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For My Future Parent Self

Mrs. Willey the mommy, I’m sure you’re now making it your life’s mission to take the role of motherhood to the hilt. You had often wondered about how you would raise a child to become an amazing human being. Knowing you, you have now researched and read a lot, and also pictured all sorts of scenarios… Continue reading For My Future Parent Self